U.S. Navy Submarine Force Could Sink The Chinese Fleet And Save Taiwan, But At The Cost Of A Quarter Of Its Boats!

This posts comes from Forbes Magazine online. “If and when China attacks Taiwan, the U.S. Navy’s submarines could be the first defenders to take shots at the Chinese invasion fleet.

How many Chinese ships the American attack boats can sink, and how quickly, could make all the difference in the apocalyptic “ultra-mega” war, to borrow a phrase from Ian Easton, an analyst with the Virginia-based Project 2049 Institute.

A successful U.S. submarine campaign could help bring the war to a swift end, preserving Taiwan’s independence and blunting China’s global ambitions. A failed undersea campaign, by contrast, could invite Chinese dominion over Taiwan and the whole Western Pacific region.

Win or lose, the U.S. Navy should brace for heavy losses. Even a victorious USN sub fleet could suffer staggering losses in battle with the Chinese navy around Taiwan. Click here to read the rest of this article.

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