Army Desk Name Plates

Since 1991 our customers have included the United States Army. We offer the highest quality Philippine hard wood desk name plates in the world! Ordering online is QUICK AND EASY. If you need assistance you can call our design consultants between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. EST at 1-800-381-9457. All models except for the deluxe name plates cost $149.95. Order turnaround is two to six weeks depending on which shipping option you choose. Six week shipping is FREE! Click here for product reviews.

Our desk name plates are made from solid acacia or mahogany that has been kiln dried and cured to avoid warping or twisting. They are hand carved and painted by our expert artists. When you order from us you help feed the families of our over 50 wood carvers, cabinet makers and artists. Choose from our Army selection below. Once you have chosen your desired model complete the order section to customize your nameplate. If you do not want to have any base/plinth wording, just leave it blank. A picture of your completed order will be sent to you via email for approval prior to shipping. Dimensions are approximately: Width: 16″ Height: 7″ Depth: 3″.

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