Wooden Wings

Since 1991 our customers have included all branches of the U.S. Military. We offer the best and most unique furniture quality aircraft wooden aviator wings in the world! Call our customer support team at 1-800-381-9457, order online or or use our LIVE CHAT in the upper right corner. Order turnaround is two to six weeks depending on what shipping option you choose. Six week shipping is FREE! Click here for product reviews.

Pictures alone do not show the fine detail and craftsmanship of our superb products. Our fine level of detail is unsurpassed by any other manufacturer. We have a complete range of custom made U.S. Military wooden aviator, engineer and pilots wings including Coast Guard (USCG), Navy, Air Force, Army and National Guard wings. When you order from us you help feed the families of our over 50 wood carvers, cabinet makers and artists. If your desired wings are not listed here, rest assured we can create any custom design you desire.

All our wooden wing plaques are made from solid mahogany that has been kiln dried and cured to avoid warping or twisting. They are hand carved and painted with a 1/8th inch relief on designs and lettering. Each product has a keyhole slot recessed into the rear to allow flush fitting against any surface.

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