China’s advancement in stealth submarine ‘a nightmare’ for US and allies!

This article comes from Interesting “China’s submarine’s remarkable stealthiness, enabled by copying developments based on Russian technology, could make it highly challenging to detect, increasing concerns about a potential escalation in the undersea arms race. China has made progress in building its latest Type 096 ballistic missile submarines, alarming the US and its allies.

There is growing evidence that China will be able to operate these submarines by the end of the decade thanks in part to technological advances from Russia, according to a defense research analysis.

“The Type 096s are going to be a nightmare,” stated one of the researchers, a retired submariner and naval technical intelligence analyst, Christopher Carlson. “They [submarines] are going to be very, very hard to detect.”

The U.S. Naval War College’s China Maritime Studies Institute conducted research that was presented at a conference in May and then published in August with the conclusion that the new warships would be much more difficult to track.” Click here to read the rest of this article.

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